Registration Details


Everyone will need to create a new account on the platform!  Here’s how to register:

1.     On this page, click “Register” and follow the directions to create your parent account

2.     Once your parent account is created, go to your account and add all your children who will be playing this season

3.     When you have added your participants, the programs available to them will be shown based on their gender and birthdate. Select the suggested program(s) and proceed with additional questions.  

a.     You can SKIP proof of residency questions – but PRLL participants must reside in the PR school district OR attend school in Pearl River (ie: Saint Margaret students). 

b.    There are 2 questions included in the registration process about parent history in LL and one about other organizations that your child may or may not be involved in.  These questions are Little League International survey questions (not Pearl River Little League) and are OPTIONAL

4.     As you register your child(ren) you will be presented with the option to volunteer to coach/manage a team:

a.     Volunteering does not guarantee your selection.  Selection will depend on the number of registered participants and the number of volunteers.

b.     All coach/manage volunteers must answer background questions and upload a picture of your driver’s license as required by Little League International.

c.      There is a blank field under coaching where you can provide us any additional details about your interests related to coaching

d.     If you have any questions about managing or coaching feel free to contact [email protected] or [email protected]

6.     Fees – Please pay in full via credit card during registration. 

notes for Spring season:

a.     Every family will pay one $50 kitchen/Hopper bond.  You will be asked during registration if your family would like to be scheduled to work one shift in our snack bar (The Hopper) during the season.  If you work a shift in the Hopper you will be refunded your $50 bond. (Worker must be age 18+) If you DO NOT select to volunteer to work a shift in the Hopper you will forfeit your $50 bond.

b.     Every family will pay one $25 field bond.  If at least one adult comes out to assist with field clean-up you will be refunded your bond.  

7. Your registration is successful you will see a confirmation window at the end and receive an email confirming your registration.  

If you run into issues or have questions, email [email protected]

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