Pearl River Little League was originally organized in 1953 by members of the Pearl River Rotary Club, and began play with four Major Boys teams in 1954 at Dexter Park.  Further details of its founding and growth can be found in the 50-Year Journal, which was prepared in 2003 in conjunction with the celebration of the League's 50th Year. 

The Journal, along with its photos and articles, have been uploaded to a separate Photo site.  A link (in red letters) is provided below. 

                                                          PRLL HISTORY JOURNAL AND PHOTO SITE      

The Journal is divided into sections (e.g., 1953-65; 1966-80; the 1980's; the 1990's; 2000-03; as well as a general chronology).  The site consists of several photo albums.  The first contains the entire Journal (which is also reproduced in WORD format - this can be found in the "Files" tab on the Photo Site).  There is an additional photo album for each decade (the photos being a larger format than depicted on each Journal page) up to 2009.  An album for the period 2010-2019 is currently being prepared. 

If you have a photo, article, etc. that you think should be included in PRLL's history, please email it to [email protected].  Thank you.  

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