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Mar, 2021

Preparations for Opening Day Continue

PRLL “Opening Day” is April 10, 2021 (although no opening ceremonies will be held).

Obviously, we are not fully “back to normal”.  We all look forward to an improving public health situation, but our season will proceed with all due caution.  A partial game schedule will be released shortly, but it will initially only include the month of April, so that appropriate modifications can be made for May and June.  It is likely that more time will be left between games to minimize overlapping of people leaving and arriving for games.

All game spectators and volunteers must wear a mask and socially distance.  Players must wear a mask when arriving and leaving.  Dugout rules will be determined.  It is likely that dugout overcrowding will be avoided by designating some players to use the stands, if necessary.  There will be no sharing of equipment, and extra disposable masks will be kept at the Hopper (for emergency use – all players, parents, volunteers and visitors are expected to bring their own masks).  A COVID guidance protocol will be drafted prior to Opening Day.  Consultation is being made with other leagues in the County on this issue.

PARKING:  All parking continues to be at the Skae (formerly Verizon) parking lot.  For those who have not heard, the Verizon building has been sold to Skae Power Solutions, which has agreed to continue to permit PRLL parents to park in the lot.   Presently, the Verizon building is vacant, and so there is no security at the entrance to the lot.  Thus, no parking passes are required, and they will not be distributed this year.  Parents should be aware, however, that Skae has permitted HBO to use the lot this Spring, and they will have priority.  Thus, all PRLL parkers should be aware of any signs or instructions posted by HBO as to off-limit parking areas. 

Picture Day will not be held in April, and the PRLL Board will determine whether it will be held at a later date.

The concession stand will be open, but will not open until a week after Opening Day, and the menu will not be as complete as usual, since inventory will be limited to prevent waste, until we can determine how active the stand can be, given changing public health conditions. 

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